Digital Innovation Center

A one-stop-shop for excellence, providing access to the latest knowledge, experience and technology, enhancing enterprise competitiveness, digital technology, business or manufacturing processes, products and services

Digital innovation hub „Smart Society“ coordinated by SMK University of Applied Social Sciences in collaboration with advanced educational, IT, human resource management, new media technology services and product companies and organizations is focused on Central and Western Lithuanian companies competitiveness enhancement in the following areas:

  1. modern educational technologies and processes;
  2. design and audiovisual media technologies and products;
  3. social and cultural innovation for the societal development products and services creation, innovative business models;
  4. Flexible and applied process control technologies.

Digital innovation hub „Smart Society“, a one-stop-shop excellence hub.

Hub unites social, physical, art disciplines innovation capacity potential. Our expertise, capacity and competences can be used by companies, that needs access to R&D equipment, laboratories, cutting-edge knowledge, expertise and digital technologies for modern educational technologies and processes development for business or manufacturing processes, organizational learning, business management products and services improvement. The services offered contribute to the development of synergies between skills and labor market needs, the development of talented and creative potential, the efficient use of creative and cultural resources, the application of non-technological innovation to promote societal and economic progress, integration to R&D and innovation solutions networks.
Digital innovation hub „Smart Society“ supports public-private partnerships to effectively transfer knowledge and technology to commercialize R&D and innovation results.
Digital innovation hub „Smart Society“ cooperates with innovative companies and organizations to provide business with:
R&D to develop technologies and prototypes for business or manufacturing processes, organizational learning, business management products and services;
consulting, strategic planning, market evaluation to help launch new products and services in the market;
collaboration, clustering, incubation, acceleration for the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and innovation for business, promoting their application and exploitation, enhancing businesses competitiveness and adaptation to the changes brought by Industry 4.0.